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SHEEEP is an experimental architectural studio working at the intersection of community & culture. 
We work on a variety of projects with no particular focus. Our work ranges in scale from building projects, art installations, sculptures, murals, animations, exhibition designs, publications and fabrication. We pride ourselves on the extensive creative and critical thinking that is ingrained in our process from the very first days of any project.  

So what is SHEEEP?

SHEEEP is exploring other ways of practicing Architecture.
SHEEEP is an experimental architecture studio working through an equitable lens.
SHEEEP is thinking about Architecture beyond buildings. 
SHEEEP is committed to social and environmental justice.
SHEEEP is committed to meaningful community engagement.
SHEEEP is collaborative and does not believe in being a lone design wolf.
SHEEEP is licensed with the Ontario Association of Architects (OAA).
SHEEEP is research-based, process-based, non-disciplinary, trans-disciplinary.
SHEEEP is playful.
SHEEEP is a constant work-in-progress. 
SHEEEP is questioning everything. 
SHEEEP is cautiously hopeful.

Current Team:
Reza, Nik, Connor Stevens, Yoon Chai

Past Team:
Rahul Sehijpaul, Daniel Ciu, Averill Dimabuyu, Erin Jeong, Monica Hutton, Kasra Foroutan, Farhan Dhanani, Sam Shahsavani, Edwin Agyei, Minah Lee, Ghazal Elmizadeh

Collaborators / Clients / Co-creators: 
The Legends League
New Currency
City of Mississauga
The Climate School
Beyond Extraction Collective
Homes First
The Collision Gallery / Studios
Parkdale Neighbourhood Land Trust
Canadian Urban Institute
City of Toronto Department of Energy & Environment
Jay Pitter
Nuit Blanche Toronto
EDIT (Expo for Design Innovation & Technology)
Azure Magazine 
IDS Toronto (Interior Design Show)
Sunday Drive Art Project
The Bentway
Beltline Urban Mural Project (BUMP)
StreetArt Toronto 


SHEEEP was founded by Reza Nik - an architect, artist and educator based in Toronto, Canada.  Reza has a background in Art History and he is currently an Assistant Professor (Teaching Stream) at the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design. His research is focused on a deeper dialogue between the socio-political nuances of the urban context and playful experimentation. Disrupting the traditional architectural processes and institutions is at the forefront of his pedagogy and practice.

Prior to founding SHEEEP, Reza worked with various studios in Vienna, Barcelona, Buenos Aires & Toronto along with some design-build projects in India and Argentina. The social impact of Architecture is something he has been investigating for over a decade.

Reza is also one of the founding members and the co-steward of the Toronto chapter of the Architecture Lobby, an organization advocating for labor rights for architectural workers and encouraging more critical discourse within the profession.

You can read an interview with Designlines Magazine here.
You can read his short story in Azure Magazine about Urban Inequity here.
You can read an article about his pedagogical research here, here, or here.