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SHEEEP is an experimental studio working within community, education, activism, culture and architecture, exploring the boundaries and possibilities of these intersecting disciplines.
Our process is highly collaborative and we don’t like to pretend like we have all the answers. We work with local experts, craftspeople, and artists for almost every single project that result in a humbling learning experience as well as an experiment of sorts. We navigate the boundaries between many disciplines and come fully equipped with a wide range of technical and communication skill sets. We are rigorous, but we are also forever students - we believe in learning from others. The initial phase of every project includes lots of absorbing, questioning and understanding from the context and those involved before we shift to design. 

We are interested in projects that are human-focused, and public in nature. We love small-scale interventions that deal with existing conditions, we value the resources that are poured into infrastructure and building and we do our best to work with what exists as much as possible.

SHEEEP is exploring other ways of practicing architecture.
SHEEEP is an experimental architecture studio working through an equitable lens.
SHEEEP is thinking about architecture beyond buildings.
SHEEEP is committed to meaningful community engagement. 
SHEEEP is collaborative and does not believe in being a lone design wolf.
SHEEEP is research-based, process-based, non-disciplinary, trans-disciplinary.
SHEEEP is playful.
SHEEEP is constantly learning.  
SHEEEP is questioning everything.
SHEEEP is cautiously hopeful.
* SHEEEP is licensed with the Ontario Association of Architects (OAA).

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What we do:
Spatial Design
Concept Development
Exhibition Design
Public Art
Furniture Design
Creative Direction
Sound Design
Publication Design
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