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Fugue (2015)
Nuit Blanche Toronto
Artscape Youngplace, Toronto

Collaborators: Ben Gallagher, Carey Jernigan, Molly Merriman, Reza Nik, Dana Prieto, Alex Young, Brinleigh An, Devin Wood, Andrew O'Connor

Photography: Andrew Snow
Fugue was a participatory multimedia installation and performance developed for Toronto Nuit Blanche. The curatorial theme of 'Memory' was explored as a reflection on the process of memory, where experiences are encoded, stored, and retrieved, though what is retrieved is sometimes partial or distorted.
In music, a fugue is a contrapuntal compositional technique in two or more voices. Independent melodic lines recur at different pitches and tempos. Here, the voices are light and sound. Visitors manipulate a series of overhead projectors, creating a play of light and shadow across an outdoor space. Through this interaction, a visual experience was created. Cameras mounted within and around the sculpture recorded images which were translated into sequences of musical notes through specialized software. The audience was encouraged to interact with the work creating a unique improvised experience accessible to all.