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Guided Distractions (2019-present)
DFALD University of Toronto

Academic Research
Guided Distractions 1.0 - Winter 2019
Guided Distractions 2.0 - Fall 2019
Guided Distractions 3.0 - Fall 2020

An ongoing research currently in its 3rd iteration focusing on alternate design processes while addressing socio-political and spatial injustices in the urban setting.  This research started as a 4th year undergraduate seminar course at the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Architecture.  

The focus has been on Parkdale in the past two iterations.

* Video above includes the work of the students from the first iteration of the course GD 1.0 

* GD 1.0 publication of student works designed and compiled with the help of Haiqa Nisar, Andrew Chun-An Wei, Victoria Cardoso and Alejandra Chauca Velez.