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MOBILIZER 2.0 (2020)
Food Beyond Extraction
Collaboration with Dana Prieto, Aemilius Milo Ramirez, Meech Boakye & the Beyond Extraction Collective

Team: Reza Nik, Sam Shahsavani

Special thank to: Tom Abromaitis, , Aaron Ronan, Paul Kozak

Designed and built for an artistic intervention by Dana Prieto for the Beyond Extraction Counter-Conference and the People Before Profit rally held in response to PDAC 2020.

As described by Prieto, ”Food Beyond Extraction is a food cart that mobilizes foods, written materials and conversations related to the impacts of and resistances to Canadian mining extraction in Global South territories.

Our cuisine highlights foods and ingredients from regions whose land, food and cultural rights are being threatened by Canadian mining projects in the three countries sponsoring PDAC this year.”