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Project Gunk (2019)
Nuit Blanche Toronto

Collaborator: Matthew Davis

Team: Reza Nik, Sam Shahsavani, Julie Perrone, Jake Rosenwald, Cole Ren, Averill Dimabuyu, Javier Jalandoni

Special Thanks to: Dana Prieto, Peter Venetas        
Over the years, Toronto has become a major contributor to making Canada one of the world’s largest garbage producers. Our interests lie in this residue, which is a result of the city’s new “sparkle.” Considering cycles of destruction and creation, this project focused on the gap between spotless and landfill realities.

This installation re-imagined the waste generated by Toronto’s 25 wards. Through collection, knolling, and assembly, discarded objects are combined and constructed into sculptures. Project Gunk aimed to explore and expose our wasteful material culture by giving attention to the forgotten or dismissed.