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Reunion (2018-2019)
in collaboration with Sunday Drive Art Project 
Kwarthas, Ontario

Team: Reza Nik, Sam Shahsavani       
Photography: Dustin Rabin

Artists: Max Streicher, Karl Skene, Pavel Ioudine, Sasha Leigh Henry, Amina Moon, Joseph Murray, Garrett Gilbart, Jacob Irish, Julie Hall, Reza Nik, Tania Thompson
An immersive narrative-based art experience in a rural setting in Ontario. Over a course of over a year, SHEEEP was involved from the early stages until the end of this exhibition including the branding. 

In the conceptual brainstorming phase, we developed visualizations through a film for fundraising/grant purposes. Once the project was funded, SHEEEP led the design & the production of the exhibition, along with the coordination with the numerous artists involved.  

A sculptural installation of pods was also developed for the exhibition. 

CBC article about the exhibition