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Sofreh For Two (2022) 
Durational Performance + Sculpture 
Place Settings curated by Noa Bronstein
for Critical Distance  

Team: Reza Nik
Photography: Reza NIk, Lucy Lu
Videography: Miles Rufelds 
Sofreh for two references both Iranian food and drink carts and ‘Sofreh’, a loose term translated to a textile on which food is served but that often functions as a shorthand for various preparations, practices, ceremonies and rituals. This improvisational performance is mediated through a roving structure that considers the spatial facets of food and feasting as narrated through diasporic and intergenerational experiences and memories.

sofreh for two is presented as part of Place Settings, a large-scale, durational project that considers how food functions to connect and disrupt. Focusing specifically on the intersections of food, public space, and architecture, Place Settings points to formal and informal structures that offer forms of nourishment, be they physical, emotional, social, or political.